As a former 350 pound food addict, I knows the struggles that my clients face when it comes to weight issues and trying to live a healthy life.  In my mid-thirties, I decided to do something about my weight and health after watching my seemingly healthy dad survive a heart attack and quadruple bypass.  


At the time I was looking for the quickest easiest fix and therefore I opted for gastric bypass. I did not fully know about the long term side effects that were going to envelop my life. I quickly realized through first-hand experience and a ton of research that without totally changing my eating habits that nothing (including surgery) could help me reach and maintain my health goals long-term.  

Eventually I  took up running and became extremely interested in my personal nutrition. This is where I discovered my passion and sought to learn everything I could about food and nutrition and furthered my education through the University of Alabama. 

My goal through my education and certifications it not just to further my knowledge for my own personal gain but to help others. I enjoy sharing with parents tools to prevent childhood obesity, talking to students in schools, and presenting to bariatric patients at hospitals all around the country. I truly believe that helping others become as healthy as they can be is my calling.


  • Kid's Nutrition Specialist

  • Fitness Nutrition Coach

  • Holistic Life Coach

  • Aquafit Instructor


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