My goal as a nutritionist is to focus on a more holistic approach that combines biblical principals with simple choices. I do not believe in fade diets as there is just not one that works long term. Instead I work with my clients to re-educate them on what the definition of what food really is as well as biblical teachings on treating the body as a temple.


I believe that when we love ourselves and respect the body that God has given us, it opens the door better health and nutrition. Each person is unique and therefore your nutrition program will be tailored to you as a whole person. My end goal for you is not a number on a scale or clothing size but instead improved health impacting your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

For those of you engaging with the Plexus Gut Health supplements, Nutrition Coaching is the perfect addition to your health program. This coaching will then be available at no cost to you. Please ensure that you list Plexus on your intake form. 

If you are interested in proceeding with Nutrition Coaching please click on the link below to complete intake form. I will be in contact with you for follow up in 24-48 hours. 


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