• Erin Akey, FNC + KNS

Healthy thru the Holidays - Gift Guide

The Holiday season can overwhelm us all with the hustle and bustle. But that doesn't mean that we have to let our health slip! Here are some items that you can put on your wish list to help you prioritize your health. They also make GREAT GIFTS for the loved ones in your lives!

1. Meal Prep Gift Card: One of the biggest obstacles people have with eating healthy is time! It can be hard to balance work, family obligations, and still manage to prepare a healthy option for every meal. Meal Preparation services can be extremely beneficial for families and individuals. How do you choose the right company? Ask questions!

- Do they use clean, natural oils? (Like olive, avocado, coconut)

- Are there any added preservatives or sugars?

- Is the food fresh or frozen?

If you are local to the Alabama Gulf Coast, I would love for you to try out our business 1031 Meals. Providing you with healthy meal prep, developed by a nutritionist for your busy lifestyle! With individual meals and plans for Keto, Clean Eating, Clean Gains, Vegan, Vegetarian, and even Healthy Kids lifestyles. Purchase a gift card --> HERE

2. Spa Day or Massage Certificate: This is a gift category that might be overlooked as "healthy" but can be very beneficial. Most of us do not realize how much tension is built up in our bodies. A day at the spa with a good massage can do wonders to release the tension and help detox the body and the mind! Many massage therapists offer specials during the holidays. A local favorite is the Spa the Battle House Hotel, where a minimum $50 spa services purchase gives you a all-day access to all the amenities including the steam room, quiet room, and roof-top pool. Book a service --> HERE

3. Concert Tickets: Self-care is such an important part of your being healthy. My husband and I love to go see our favorite musical artists from The Police to the Doobie Brothers! Going to see your favorite band is often something that many people won't spend the money on themselves, making it the perfect gift. Fun and new experiences are a critical part of self-care. Provide your loved one with an evening to relax and unwind! Purchase discount tickets --> HERE

4. Health Food Store Gift Card: This is the perfect gift that never goes out of style and has no age limit! Find a local health food store or select a local chain that provides a wide variety of nutritious options as well as organic produce. From a college student to your grandparents, no one ever complains about free groceries! We love our local Whole Foods Market but I also suggest Sprouts, Trader Joe's, and even Aldi. See what's in the area and purchase a wide variety of gift cards --> HERE.

5. Gut Health Supplements: Help your loved ones kick off 2019 with their health in mind. Every human on earth needs a good probiotic with enzymes and anti-fungals and a methylated multivitamin that due to toxic food, soil depletion, crazy busy lives and more that make it impossible to get what we need from food alone. One of the most beneficial steps you can take is to begin using a plant based, clean gut health supplement like my favorites from Plexus. Learn more and purchase --> HERE

What would you put on your Healthy Christmas Wish List?

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