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The Right Kind of Calories to Burn Fat

Body envy. It happens every single time when those infomercials featuring perfectly proportioned models pop onto the television screen promising an enviable body weight if you’ll just fork over enough cash to make you skinny forever. First of all those bodies are not reality and many are airbrushed, so don’t be fooled.

Even though you know there’s no magic pill, patch, or powder that can guarantee long-term success, sometimes it’s tempting to dole out the money for the next enticing fad. It’s enticing because losing weight is a struggle, and a vicious uphill battle that’s not always so easily fought. I know because I am a recovering food addict of 9 years and was at one time 350 pounds.  This was long before I went back to school to study food and nutrition.

The appeal to find a quick fix hits you every now and then – especially when you’ve worked hard to lose a little bit of weight and then you fall off the diet wagon and gain it all back (and then some). You may have lost count of the times you’ve thought, “There has to be an easier way to lose weight!” There is, and it does NOT involve the word DIET.

Have you purchased every weight loss book ever published, forced down the diet bars, consumed the shakes, and attended the weight loss meetings so many times you could have paid for the entire building by the time you quit? Have you done all of this and yet you still haven’t seen the long-term results that you crave more than food itself?

Are you sick and tired of trying, but you still know you need to lose weight so that you can have a healthier life? You know you want to lose weight, but you don’t want a gimmick and you certainly don’t want to keep going down a road that leads nowhere.

You just want to find a plan that really works for you without all of the empty promises. There’s something you might not know about the battle of the bulge – something that can help you gain the victory once and for all without having to resort to any fads or gimmicks.

Understanding the Basics of Weight Loss

To understand how weight loss works, you have to first understand how calories work. A calorie is energy given in the foods you eat. Your body uses this energy as fuel. Think of  your metabolism and food the same way you do wood for a fireplace. If you put in too much wood, the fire gets snuffed out and if you do not add enough wood, the fire once again burns out.  A fire burns best with small amounts of wood added throughout the day. Same with your metabolism.  Never skip meals or eat huge meals.

In the same manner, there has to be the right TYPE of wood to burn best, just as you need the right type of calories.  The same way you would store wood in stacked piles for your fireplace, the body stacks an overabundance of the wrong types of calories as fat.

It then takes that fat and adds it to the places you don’t want it put. Cellulite are pockets of that stored fat beneath the surface of your skin.  In other words, it’s the chocolate cake or donuts or the heaping helping of empty carbohydrates like rice and pasta and bread, are all stored away if you are not a big workout fiend or endurance athlete.  VERY few of us can burn off those types of excess calories.

Now, all of that’s the bad news. But the good news is, you don’t have to accept being overweight as your fate (no matter how many times you’ve fallen off the diet wagon in the past).

The wrong types of calories lead to fat storage

Many people sit down to eat a meal or a snack and never give a second’s thought to what goes on behind the scenes once the food is finished. Everyone knows how you gain weight and most of us are pros at the gaining. We gain by eating too much of the wrong kinds of food, having an imbalance in our guts, being deficient in essential vitamins and minerals, and not moving our bodies. All of these things cause our metabolism to slow down and our bodies to convert starches and sugar to fat and store them.

Food is simply fuel. All of it is. But how (and at what rate) the fuel is burned depends on the foods you eat because it correlates to how it makes your body work. Still follow me?

Each time you take out a starchy food such as rice or bread or pasta or white potatoes from your meal, and replace with a non starchy vegetable, you give your body a powerful weapon in the fight to burn calories and fat. When there is not excess starch and sugar to burn, your body burns stored fat instead.  In addition to the fat burning properties of veggies, they also contain many important nutrients your body needs.  This helps to keep your body strong and energized.  There is a reason foods from nature have certain colors.  Each colors represents a different nutrient your body needs.

You Need The Right Vitamins and Minerals, Not Fads

We all need good supplements in order to maintain optimal health.  Yes, even if you eat clean and all organic.  Due to factors like the environment, soil depletion, medicines, food additives and more, we all have gut imbalances that have negative effects on our ability to burn fat and lose weight.  NOW, that being said no you do not need diet pills, and fake ketones, and energy patches and other fads.  You need three things to start.

  1. A super high quality probiotic with antifungals and enzymes like the one from Plexus called Pro Bio 5.  No you do not want one that costs a fortune or has to be refrigerated.

  2. A great multi that contains the most bio-available forms of a variety of vitamins.  I use X Factor Plus from Plexus and it has aloe which aids absorption.  Many vitamins are not even absorbed and they are just moved straight out in your urine which is often seen as orange urine when using lower quality vitamins.  No with Plexus!

  3. You need a great magnesium supplement.  I use Bio Cleanse from Plexus.  Many of us are deficient in magnesium which leads to brain fog, mood issues and more.

When we balance the gut and take care of the body and limit sugar and processed fake foods and starches and replenish the vitamins and minerals, your body becomes a less-inflamed fat buring machine!




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